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Disclaimer--must be filled out and sent in before purchasing the SAH

The SAFE AT HOME Screening© was initially designed as a quick assessment to determine if someone can recognize common home safety violations, and if she can fix these problems independently and following a few specific directions.

The SAFE AT HOME Screening© test kit contains only ordinary materials that could be purchased off the shelf in a retail store. However, as an assessment tool, the SAFE AT HOME Screening© should only be used by licensed occupational therapists or certified occupational therapy assistants under the supervision of an occupational therapist.
Occupational therapists are health care professionals who are qualified to evaluate patients or clients, and who understand human performance.

Any qualified individual interested in using this tool must apply for permission due to liability concerns of the publisher.

When administered properly, the SAFE AT HOME Screening© offers a great deal of information about specific cognitive skills related to independent living. The results are meant to be incorporated into a more comprehensive client evaluation completed by the health care professional, who will help the client in making decisions regarding environmental options. The screening does not, and cannot, offer direct information about the client’s level of motivation or commitment to safety. The SAFE AT HOME Screening© merely provides a snapshot of the client’s ability to comprehend information related to home safety at the time of testing. Since many variables come into play with regard to home safety, including cognitive and physical performance, and variations in performance for multitudinous reasons, the results need to be interpreted extremely cautiously. The test manual should be thoroughly perused prior to using the Screening. The SAFE AT HOME Screening© is designed to be helpful as one component of your occupational therapy evaluation.

The user of the SAFE AT HOME Screening© is responsible for any harm or damage that may result from the use of this product. Utmost care must be used at all times, due to the potentially harmful aspects of test set-up. Clients must be closely supervised by a licensed practitioner at all times. The test should be discontinued immediately if the client begins to display any behavior that could cause himself or anyone else any harm. In addition, when the kitchen is set up with screening props, the area should not be left unattended. The SAFE AT HOME Screening© kit contains items that look more unsafe than they actually are (e.g. plastic knife and plastic “broken glass”). Actual sharp items should not be substituted for these props.

In the case of loss of test items, the owner of the SAFE AT HOME Screening© kit should order new items from or the author.

I attest that I have thoroughly read this disclaimer, that I am qualified as an occupational therapist to use the SAFE AT HOME Screening ©, and that I agree to use this assessment tool only under the conditions recommended in the test manual:

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