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        Overview of Screenings--

       The ManageMed Screening©

An assessment tool that can help various clinicians, such as nurses and rehabilitation specialists, to determine if a person can manage a moderately difficult medication routine (i.e. three different medications, all with different dosages and schedules).

It is a quick screening requiring approximately 15-20 minutes to administer. The test taker counts and manipulates simulated pills and verbally answers a number of questions about real-life medications.

The test has been validated on a number of community dwelling, independent functioning adults (N=100) and a smaller sample of older people who were determined to need assistance with their medication routines. The test was found to have adequate internal consistency and inter-rater reliability and has been determined to have a high level of ecological or real-life validity by a number of health care experts.

The kit itself consists of a plastic carrying case containing simulated prescriptions, prescription information sheets, “pills” and vials. In addition the test includes a test booklet with reproducible forms, a magnifying glass, and a weekly pill organizer.

The test holds promise for use in rehabilitation by healthcare professionals who are responsible for assessing independent living skills.

    The SAFE AT HOME Screening ©

Available now for use by Occupational Therapists in a clinical or home setting.

quick assessment tool is designed to assess how well adults can: 

    1) Identify potential hazards a kitchen 
    2) Describe how they would fix the
         problems, and

    3) Actually fix the situations.

The test takes only minutes to set up and administer. Using the International Classification of Function (ICF) to ensure all aspects of functioning are considered, the clinician can quickly glean information about a client’s home safety skills.

Psychometric testing on the SAFE AT HOME Screening © demonstrates that the test has good initial validity and
reliability. Adult norms are presented for comparison purposes.

The Home Safety Self-Assessment Interview (HSSI©) is a new tool that is just being introduced. You may use it for free but the author (R. would appreciate hearing from you so that the HSSI© can evolve into a viable tool for adult rehabilitation

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